Thank you for joining us at The University of Wonder & Imagination!

Here you can find some further suggested resources to continue your adventure at home or in the classroom.

The University of Wonder & Imagination originally premiered online in Fall 2020 during the height of the COVID Pandemic. Broadcast on Zoom, daily from Belfast, our cast and crew isolated in their own private studios and the production digitally ‘toured’ for almost 9 months! The different sections of the production were inspired by some much loved Cahoots previous productions. 

The Math Department takes inspiration from ‘Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries’ and ‘Lights! Camera! Math!’

The Space Department takes inspiration from Cahoots production ‘Secrets of Space’. 

Cahoots are delighted that elements of these productions continue to inspire wonder and unlock imagination for young people across North America. On this page you will also find some additional resources from Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries and Secrets of Space for further exploration with your students and families. 

Thank you, hope you enjoy, and remember : in Imagination we trust, and in Wonder, we must!

With the permission of your teacher, parent or guardian, click the links below to view –

University of Wonder & Imagination Further Resources

Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries Handbook

Secrets of Space Show Guide

Certificate of Excellence