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Project Description


When We Were Wild

A wood filled with magic and memories. Home to wild creatures – the Fox, the Owl, the Badger…and brothers Jim and Pete.

Farmers. Old now. Very old. With bad backs and welly boots. 

An old wardrobe in the barn contains all the mysteries of their childhood, when they would sleep beneath the stars and become one with the wild world around them. The owl on her midnight watch, the badger scuffling out of the dark, the fox watching from the woods with its orange eyes…

The brothers have grown up and gone their separate ways. Will they ever find a way back to the wonder they once felt when they were young, and wild?

With astonishing animal puppetry from Helen Foan and live music from Kyron Bourke, this tale of growing up and the importance of nature and art is told in a funny and moving new play written by Charles way, directed by Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney and created by Cahoots, makers of The Grimm Hotel, Under the Hawthorn Tree, Penguins, Milo’s Hat Trick, Secrets of Space, and Shh! We have a Plan.

The MAC, Belfast

15th-18th June 2023

Age Recommendation : 6+

School and Public Performances Available


Written by

Charles Way

Created and Directed by

Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney

Puppetry Director

Helen Foan

Original Music by

Kyron Bourke


Kyron Bourke


Ruairi Conaghan


John Paul Connolly


Helen Foan


Iris Schmid

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