Secrets of Space


Secrets of Space Suni and Mae are dreamers. As young girls they dreamt about journeying far beyond our solar system, singing among the stars and discovering all that was unknown to them:  The secrets of space. Using magical illusions and state of the art digital media, the sisters and the audience embark [...]

Milo’s Hat Trick


Milo's Hat Trick Milo the Magnificent isn't magnificent at all. His card trick is hopeless. His rope trick is useless and his hat trick is a total mess! Milo has one last chance - to pull a rabbit out of his hat at the next performance - or else! With carrot, string and [...]

The Assistant’s Revenge


The Assistant's Revenge The Assistant’s Revenge is a brand new theatrical production, for older children (8+) and adults, from multi-award winning theatre company, Cahoots NI. Created by Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney, Charles Way  and Ursula Burns. A phone rings in the dead of night. Sam Sullivan, a small-time Private Eye hears [...]



Penguins Penguins is a delightful new theatre production for young audiences. This co-production between Cahoots NI, Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Prime Theatre is based on the true story of Roy and Silo, two male chinstrap penguins who lived at New York's Central Zoo; together they hatched an abandoned egg [...]