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Project Description

Magic Menu

Now in its eighth year, Cahoots NI work closely with Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children, Northern Ireland Children‘s Hospice, Banardo’s and the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children to serve up a “Magic Menu” of surprises unlike any other in the respite centres and homes of some very special families across Northern Ireland.

Magic Menu features two magical performers who delve into a fun filled picnic pack with magical and musical surprises.  The Magic Menu format allows for a lot of flexibility as each visit can last anywhere from five minutes up to one hour depending on the individual circumstances. Our extra special audience members are totally in control of the show!

The project aim is to distract attention from difficult circumstances and to give everyone something to look forward to, to talk and laugh about, and to remember afterwards.

Our Magic Makers normally tour once the in the summer and once in the winter.

Magic Menu would not be possible without the generosity of our funders and supporters. We would like to offer a huge thanks to Yellow Moon, Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland, Ulster Garden Villages Limited, St Anne’s Cathedral, Souter Charitable Trust, Enkalon Foundation and The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust for their support for this valued project.

As always, we would like to extend our thanks to our Principal Funder, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council and the Garfield Weston Foundation for their continued, invaluable support.

Event Details

We are proud to work in conjunction with

Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children

Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice


Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children

Age Suitability: All ages

Duration: 5 mins-1 hour

Creatives, cast & crew


Philippa O’Hara


Hugh Brown

Created by

Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney


Jolene O’Hara


The show was lively, funny, magical and musical…all the things that make you feel better! We love having live theatre, it makes everyone, including staff feel happier…and this is such a special show, appealing to all ages. 

Jenne MacDonald, Play Development Coordinator, Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

…they were absolutely delighted with their visit from you.  The kids were just blown away at the song with their name in it and have told everyone they’ve met over the weekend about it. Thank you so much for providing this service, I know the family really appreciate it.

Clare Cosgrove, Young Shoulders Specialist, Cancer Fund for Children

The families felt that it was extra special because it was such a personal experience and happened in their own homes. They also loved to see their sick child ‘forget about their illness for a while’ One mum told me that it was the first time in months that she had been able to laugh herself!

Caitriona Malone, Cancer Fund for Children

Today we had Cahoots NI visit us at home for their Magic Menu show. I kid you not it was magical. The boys adored it from start to finish, seeing their reaction definitely had us all a little emotional. It was so appreciated and loved by us.