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Project Description

A Spell of Cold WeatherA magical theatre experience for young children by Charles Way, directed by Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney with music by Garth Mc Conaghie.

Two down-in-the-mouth farmers, Betty and Bob, have forgotten how to have fun. There is no joy on the farm anymore. Then during Christmas and New Year Betty and Bob get a surprise, their little niece Holly comes to visit them. At first Holly feels very alone, in a strange place with no friends, but then she meets Tomos Trickman – a puck-like fairy who explains to Holly how the two farmers have forgotten how to sing, dance and play games. Together, Holly and Tomos bring the farm back to life and and create some seasonal cheer, just in time to ring in the New Year with an unforgettably magical party.

A fun filled, heart warming, magical adventure……sure to put a spring in your step!!

Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney
Musical Director
Garth McConaghie
Muirne Bloomer
Production Manager
Marianne Crosslé (pre tour) and Malcolm Smith (tour)
Stage Manager
Rich Hoxley
Assistant Stage Manager
Andrew Stanford
Lighting Designer
Malcolm Smith
Diana Ennis
Set Designer
Steve Bamford
Illusion Consultant
Paul ‘Mr. G’ Gomac


Tomos Trickman – Jaimie Carswell
Bob – Frankie McCafferty
Betty – Abigail McGibbon
Cow/Cock/Dog – Jude Quinn

Event Details

March 2012
Age Suitability: 4+ Years old

Duration: 55 minutes