Shh! Goes to Wisconsin

Cahoots is delighted to be setting off to America for another showcase production at The IPAY Showcase 2017.
It is a real honour to have been selected as a showcase production for this year. It will be our second visit to IPAY with our last showcase of Egg turning out to be a real hit and resulting in the booking of a USA Tour!

We will be there with many other theatre companies from the UK and Ireland, including Theatre Lovett, Tall Stories and Tutti Frutti as well as many other companies from around the world.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Culture Ireland for their generous support in getting the team to the IPAY showcase and we look forward to many more adventures in our plans to tour internationally. Keep a look out for when we take Shh! We have a Plan to the Mini Midi Maxi Festival in Norway in June! We can’t wait to see where we can take it next.


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